TEN, The European Network of Law Firms

Martos & Gross is a member of TEN, The European Network of Law Firms, an association with over 25 years' history that brings together 23 law firms, specialising mainly in commercial and civil law. TEN also exchanges legal knowledge and professional experience, serving to strengthen the trust between members.

Thanks to TEN, we're able to offer clients with international interests advice in other countries in partnership with local law firms that have good reputations and proven experience. We can also advise foreign clients who are referred to us by other TEN member firms to defend their interests in Spain.

Adolfo served as president of TEN from 2013 to 2018.


4PRO was created as a result of regular collaboration between law firms located in Andalusia and Madrid that are expert in different legal areas to deal with matters that require a high degree of specialisation, such as urban planning, water rights, fiscal law concerning foundations, criminal defence for urban-planning offences, sports law and employment law.

Shared experience and mutual trust between members has helped us evolve over time to become a solid alliance that enables us share experiences and work as a team, with each firm maintaining its independence. As a result, a client can receive expert advice on specialised matters, without losing the direct relationship with his or her trusted lawyer.


For Dutch clients who need expert advice on real estate investments and taxation, and would like to receive personalised service in their own language, we recommend Euroeconomics because of their professionalism and work ethic of the team led by Barbara Ingenbleek.

Trust is reciprocal. Euroeconomics often recommends us to its clients when their affairs get complicated in order to avoid or defend them in a lawsuit.

Oceanus Asesores

We work with Oceanus Asesores when clients require advice on accounting, labour and tax management, particularly for matters that require a close relationship with the local authorities. Antonio Sayago and María Ángeles García, its founding partners, are economists with a long track record of advising local companies and international investors.

In turn, Oceanus trusts us as a firm capable of solving the problems of its clients in those matters that become litigious or are in our specialty.