Martos & Gross provides the following services, among others:

  • Company incorporation, including drafting of articles of association and shareholders' agreements tailored to current and future needs of shareholders.
  • Advising partners and shareholders on relations with management, the company and third parties, such as conflicts of interest, the right to information on corporate decision-making, transactions involving shares or holdings, dividend demands or the loss of membership.
  • Operations to increase or decrease share capital.
  • Planning and transfer of family businesses.
  • Convening and holding general meetings.
  • Challenging resolutions that are detrimental to the company.
  • Acquisition and loss of the status of director, remuneration, duty of diligence and liability.
  • Demanding liability from the company's administrative body for actions detrimental to the company, shareholders or creditors.
  • Dissolution, liquidation and closure of companies.