We accompany our clients in the interpretation, compliance and resolution of conflicts in which EU law applies, even going to supranational bodies to defend their rights. Thus, we give legal certainty to individuals regarding contractual and extra-contractual obligations, so that they can plan the applicable law, for example, to their matrimonial property regime or to their hereditary succession.

Martos & Gross provides the following services, among others:

  • Succession planning and execution of wills.
  • Advice on marital relations and matrimonial property regimes between spouses and with regard to third parties, such as the community of accrued gains, participation or separation of property.
  • Determination of the applicable law and competent courts in the event of a marital crisis (separation, divorce, etc.)
  • Claiming debts through specific procedural instruments provided for by EU legislation (European court order, European order for payment, small claims and attachment of bank accounts).
  • Raising and defending preliminary questions and applications to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
  • Application of EU regulations (Directives) when they are not transposed by the Spanish legislator or are transposed incorrectly.
  • Claims for compensation for financial liability on the part of the Spanish administration for non-compliance with EU legislation or ECJ case law.