Martos & Gross provides the following services, among others:

  • Drafting a will that is faithful to the testator's wishes and feasible in its execution, for which it will be necessary to identify and respect the applicable law.
  • Advice on taxation, ways to minimise costs and payment of inheritance tax.
  • When succession begins with the death of the testator, verification that the rights of forced heirs are respected in the will that governs the inheritance. If not, legal challenge of the validity of the will.
  • Drawing up an inventory of assets and proposing distribution among heirs, as well as preparing and assisting in the signing of deeds of acceptance, declaration and division of an inheritance.
  • Advising the deceased's creditors on how to enforce claims against the assets of the estate.
  • In the event of disagreement between heirs on the inventory and distribution of the inheritance, requesting approval by the courts.